Play and earn free bitcoin daily with Aurora Coins App


In this article, we will teach you how to start earning free bitcoins by playing Aurora Coins app.

Download the app in the link below and sign in using your Google account.


How to receive my rewards?

You need to fill-up the form with your Game ID or Leaderboard ID, wallet option and a valid wallet email address.

  • The Leaderboard ID or Game ID is a unique ID of each player that will be used to track your score on the Leaderboard. They can be edited in your Play Games app settings together with your Google email account. Be sure to check first your Game ID before filling the form. Watch this video to access your Game ID (
  • The wallet option will be used to send your rewards. As of the moment, we will only support and Coinbase Wallet. Be sure to have your account on those wallets.
  • And you have to provide your valid wallet email. Make sure those email you provide must be registered to the wallet option you have.

If you have your Game ID or Leaderboard ID, wallet option and a valid wallet email address, fill the form.


How to play?

Move your character through avoiding obstacles using crypto characters.
Get high scores to receive more rewards.

Note: You need to have an internet connection so that your score will be recorded and verified in the leaderboard.
We can track every player's score every day and we give rewards to the players who played our app every day based on the high score recorded in the leaderboard online (today mode, not all-time mode).


Score conversion:

100 best score = 100 satoshi
500 best score = 500 satoshi

The minimum redeemable reward can be as small as 100 satoshis.
Rewards are automatically sent after we verified the player's score in the daily leaderboard.

Please feel free to comment in this thread if you have concerns.


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