ZVGAMESTERMINALIA Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)


What will I do if “Email not found” will occur?

Make sure that you have registered already using your valid email. Try to check your email and password correctly. If it persists, try to reset your password by accessing our website.


Why ads are showing in the apps?

It is the monetization process of the developers and in turn giving rewards to those who are playing.


How long does it take to receive my redeemed points?

You will receive your rewards within 24-48 hours depending on the number of requests. Our admin support ensures the validity of the points.


Do you support other wallet options for rewards?

We only support Coins.ph and Coinbase wallet.


Can I use dummy email for my account?

No. You will not receive your rewards. Try to use valid email address and registered to any wallet option that we only support.


Can I play the mobile apps offline?

No. You will need a stable internet connection to play our mobile apps.


Why does reward points is changing?

Due to the Bitcoin volatility, we will change the rewards point for sustainability of our mobile apps and the company.


What is equivalent of 1000 points?

It is 1:1 ratio for satoshi. For 1000 points is equivalent to 1000 satoshis.


Why does “Reward video not ready” occur?

Reward video needs to be loaded before it will show. Try to check your internet connection or restart the app.


What cryptocurrency will you use for rewarding?

As of the moment, we only support Bitcoin or BTC.


What are the minimum points to redeem?

1000 points for Master Mine and 2000 points for the Flappy Coin.


How to Redeem Points in ZVGAMESTERMINALIA Games?



How to reset your password in Flappy Coin?



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